Creating Great Company Culture through Human Resources Strategy, Execution, and Training

Alliant Human Resources is the human resource manager for small businesses. We provide assurance that the essential HR functions are operating efficiently and effectively by providing one-to-one personal service. You won't find us trying to sell you cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all products, and services. We listen to you and help you assess what works best for you. 


Businesses that partner with Alliant Human Resources minimize exposure to costly legal issues by taking the responsibility of managing complex HR issues out of the hands of managers who may not be human resources experts, freeing them to focus their efforts on managing, administering, and growing the business. Check out what just a few of our clients have to say.


Our consulting services can be provided at the client's site, off-site, or a combination that best suits the client’s needs.


Partner with Alliant Human Resources to create and maintain a formal human resource department, or to supplement an existing human resource department. Your human resource function will be streamlined and centralized; your benefits and policies will be in compliance with state and federal law; and your employees will be treated fairly and consistently in all employment, benefit and policy matters. 


HR Assessment

Tip: The best time to perform your HR Assessment is as your organization grows. This will ensure compliance and fairness to both the company and the employees. ​ The Alliant Human Resources Assessment is an analysis of your current HR efforts. The goal is to identify areas in need of improvement so that your HR function can become efficient, effective, and compliant. During the assessment, we take a close look at your current practices in the areas of:

  • Benefit Programs (Health and Welfare, and Time Off)
  • Employee Relations
  • Employee Communications
  • Employee Policy (including review of current handbooks)
  • Training Needs
  • Performance Management
  • Compensation
  • Employment Cycle Management
The end result of the assessment is a report that will outline those areas in which Alliant Human Resources can help you improve your overall HR function. A post-assessment meeting will be held in which a recommendation of services will be presented for consideration. Although we would like to become your HR solution, an assessment does not obligate your organization to use Alliant Human Resources for services.

Employee Policies & Handbooks

Tip: All personnel should receive an Employee Handbook and submit a signed receipt stating that they have received, read and understand the policies in the Handbook. That receipt should then be filed in their personnel file. An Employee Handbook is the most popular method used by organizations to communicate workplace policies and procedures as well as the organization's history, culture, business philosophy, and goals. A well-written handbook will improve policy communications, strengthen employee relations, bolster the image of the organization, improve productivity, and help reduce the risks associated with employment practices. Alliant Human Resources will review your current Employee Handbook, if available, and/or develop a new handbook customized to your organization's unique needs. We can review the Handbook on an annual basis, or as needed throughout the year. During the review and handbook creation process, careful attention is paid to areas such as:

  • ​State and Federal Law with respect to employment practices
  • Company Information including history, philosophy, mission, and goals
  • General Employment Policies
  • Salary and Payroll Information
  • Health and Welfare Benefits
  • Time Off Benefits
  • Workplace Guidelines
  • Workplace Safety and Security
  • E-Policies

Employment Lifecycle

Tip: Before terminating an employee, or accepting a resignation, be sure you know the current laws to protect yourself and the employee. Alliant Human Resources can establish and manage the employment cycle by instituting compliant and consistent employment processes, and by centralizing personnel files and records. We will work with you in the following areas of each major element of the employment cycle: Establishing Employment

  • Applicant Reviewing
  • Interviewing Guidance
  • Job Offer
  • Hiring
  • Onboarding (Employee paperwork, forms, benefit enrollment, etc.)
  • Orientation
Maintaining Employment
  • Personnel Record Keeping (centralized, electronic personnel files)
  • Performance Management
  • Employment Communication
  • Training
  • Progressive Discipline
Terminating Employment
  • Resignation
  • Separation
  • Layoff
  • Termination

Training & Development

Training and development programs, including training classes, seminars, workshops, and other communication methods, are a great way to give your employees the tools they need to be successful. Our Management and Leadership Training programs are geared to new and existing managers who would like to understand management theory and style, learning the skills necessary to be an effective and successful leader. Our Employee and Work Team Training programs help all employees learn interpersonal, communication, planning, problem solving and decision making skills.​ Employee and Work Team Training

  • Harassment and Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
  • Customer Service
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • Time Management
  • Effective Communications
  • Goal and Objective Setting
  • Presentation Skills
  • Teamwork and Team Building
  • Stress Management
  • Business Basics
Management and Leadership Training
  • Management Theory
  • Management Styles
  • Leadership Skills
  • Coaching Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Effective Delegation
  • Basics of Project Management
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Constructive Feedback
  • Discipline and Corrective Action
  • Harassment Awareness
  • Diversity in the Workplace
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Performance Management
  • Succession Planning
  • HR Basics for Managers
  • Employment Law Basics

Employee Relations

Tip: Use a quick and simple employee newsletter to ensure that all employees are up-to-date with the goings on in your organization. Positive relationships between the organization, the individual staff member, and groups of staff within the working environment contribute to improved productivity, motivated employees, and high morale. We will work with you to create Employee Relations programs to help sustain a positive work environment. We are concerned with preventing and resolving problems involving individuals which arise out of, or affect work situations. Special programs can be created to recognize and reward employees' outstanding contributions to the organization. Effective employee relations programs are based on:

  • Employee communication and participation.
  • A safe and effective work environment.
  • Commitment and motivation of all staff.
We can manage or perform activities related to developing, maintaining, and improving employee relations including:
  • Employee Communications
  • Recognition and Reward Programs
  • Conflict Resolution

Management & Leadership Coaching

Many times new managers or team leaders are managing employees with whom they were coworkers previously, making managing these people difficult and possibly ineffective. Even existing managers sometimes feel overwhelmed by the responsibilities of managing a department and its employees. Alliant Human Resources One-on-One Personal Coaching is a perfect solution to help your managers and team leaders develop the skills necessary to become more effective and productive, increasing the likelihood of your organization meeting or exceeding its organizational goals and enabling your business to flourish. Personal Coaching sessions are conveniently provided as follows: Full Series Coaching Your manager or team leader will meet with his or her personal coach for all the available sessions for one overall fee. Custom Series Coaching Our one-on-one coach will work with your manager or team leader to determine which skills need attention, then a custom series will be created and scheduled. The fee is based on the number of sessions scheduled. On Demand Coaching Our personal coach can be scheduled for sessions on any of the skills offered on a "just-in-time" and as-needed basis. Perfect for the manager or team leader that needs coaching on a more limited skill set, or for refreshers and brush-ups. A fee is paid per session.

Compensation Analysis & Plan Design

FYI: The FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act) governs certain requirements for compensation based on your business type or job performed. Do you know what category your business falls into? Compensation can affect job satisfaction, motivation, and morale in both directions, so a delicate balance between your compensation philosophy and the employees feelings of worth must be found. We will work with you to help identify your compensation philosophy, examine your current compensation system, and following job analysis and job evaluation, structure a compensation system that will reinforce and align with your business strategy. . Through a combination of base pay, commissions, overtime pay and bonuses, Alliant Human Resources will design a compensation system that will focus on:

  • Recruitment and retention of qualified employees.
  • Increasing or maintaining job satisfaction and morale.
  • Rewarding and encouraging peak performance.
  • Achieving internal and external equity.
  • Reducing turnover and encouraging company loyalty.
​With a solid compensation system in place, your organization will improve the overall existing reward structure and influence increased performance.

Performance Management

An effective performance management system provides the necessary framework for meeting or exceeding organizational goals by focusing the effort and successes of individual employees on the overall success of the organization. Effective performance management involves:

  • Planning the goals of the various levels of your organization, and the measurable objectives of the employees to support those goals.
  • Monitoring the progress of the goals and objectives throughout the performance period.
  • Developing the capacity to perform and identifying developmental needs to assure that the objectives and goals can be met.
  • Evaluating and rating performance throughout and at the end of the performance period.
  • Rewarding excellent employees, individually and as members of groups, for successfully meeting or exceeding their objectives.
​Alliant Human Resources will assist you in designing and managing a dynamic performance management system to assure that everyone in the organization is working efficiently and effectively toward the achievement of your strategic goals.

Organizational & Employee Surveys

Your overall organizational climate will have a direct impact on the success of your employees. Organizational surveys are a great way to attain employee feedback about your organizational climate. We will create customized organizational surveys designed to assess your company's climate, offering insights on areas that need improvement and those that should be celebrated. Our organizational surveys involve your employees in the process of workplace change by focusing on job satisfaction, organizational culture, morale, teamwork and workplace conditions. A properly-conducted organizational survey and an effective follow-up action plan will demonstrate your willingness to listen to, and work with your employees, leading to higher job satisfaction, productivity and retention. We will work with you to: Assess the goal of your organizational survey. Assess leadership, workplace conditions, morale, and/or culture. Determine the best method to collect the information. Individual surveys, key employee interviews, focus groups, or a combination. Conduct the survey. Surveys distributed and collected, and/or interviews and focus groups conducted. Interpret the results. Results of the survey are studied for trends, opinions, and insights. Recommend an action plan. Address the identified strengths and areas in need of improvement to bring about positive organizational change.

Employee Benefits

Alliant Human Resources can manage your current benefits program, or we can create and implement a new one for you. We work with vendors and providers to find the best options to help you stay within budget while receiving quality products and services that your employees will appreciate. Alliant Human Resources can:

  • Review your current benefit program and make refinements and modifications where necessary.
  • Create a new benefit program for your organization to include any of the following leaves of absence:
    • Vacation
    • ​Holiday
    • Sick Time
    • Voting
    • Jury
    • Witness
    • Military Service
    • Medical
    • Maternity/Paternity
    • Bereavement
  • Manage your existing or new benefits program to include:
    • Medical Insurance​​
    • Dental Insurance
    • Life Insurance
    • Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance
    • Dependent Life Insurance
    • Short Term Disability Insurance
    • Long Term Disability Insurance
    • Retirement Plans (such as 401(k) Plans)
    • Flexible Spending Accounts (Medical and Dependent Care)
    • Employee Assistance Program
  • Manage your annual open enrollment period.
  • Establish benefit communications so your employees truly benefit from what you offer.​

Meetings & Presentations

Productive meetings are those that are managed properly, which can be a challenge for the meeting leader. Alliant Human Resources' Meeting Facilitation service can help assure successful meetings. Presentations are another challenge. Not all subject matter experts are skilled or engaging presenters, yet they are often called upon to make presentations within the organization, to customers, to prospective customers, or to other outside groups. For an inexperienced or anxious presenter, this can be daunting affair, doomed to failure. Alliant Human Resources' Presentation Facilitation service can help your presenters create and deliver winning presentations. Meeting Facilitation Alliant Human Resources can impartially facilitate your various meetings to keep your teams on task while maintaining professional and effective working relationships. After meeting with your managers to create an agenda that will address all the goals and objectives of the meeting, the meeting facilitator will:

  • Start the meeting.
  • Present the agenda to the participants.
  • Outline the goals and objectives of the meeting.
  • Introduce the participants, if necessary.
  • Manage the agenda, keeping the meeting on time and on task.
  • Manage the meeting dynamics by keeping participants focused on agenda items while eliminating power struggles and disruptive behaviors.
  • Make notes of "take-aways" and assignments.
  • Conclude the meeting.
Presentation Facilitation Alliant Human Resources can help your presenters with:
  • Presentation organization (topics to be covered, presentation style or method)
  • Presentation creation (help with PowerPoint presentations, handouts, etc.)
  • Presentation logistical planning (space, equipment, and supply needs)
  • Presentation Delivery (deliver a dynamic, interesting and engaging presentation)

Employment Records

Tip: All personnel records containing personal information (social security numbers, medical information, etc.) must be kept in a locked or secure file. Keep job related information like performance reviews in a separate file from personal information like I-9's and W-4's. Alliant Human Resources can help employers properly establish, manage and maintain employee records and files. We will work with you in the following areas of employee records and files:

  • Creation of Proper and Compliant Employee Files
  • Employee File Contents
  • Record and Filekeeping Storage and Process
  • Employee File Access
  • Retention of Employee FIles



An annual program of ongoing and regular HR strategy meetings, executing on those strategies to assure that you are in compliance with employment laws and are current with HR best practices, and training managers and employees so your execution is successful. (more...)

Take the stress, guess-work, and risk out of the hands of your managers and staff, and put it all in the hands of Alliant Human Resources with our Alliant HR Suite of Services Package. This renewable, 12-month package will help you identify your HR strategies and ensure that you continually execute on those strategies. AHR assures that you are in compliance with employment laws and are current with HR best practices. AHR works with and trains managers and employees so your execution is successful. This package includes five key elements: 1. An Assessment of your current human resources program. 2. A Strategy consisting of various projects. 3. Execution of your Strategy through monthly meetings and ongoing project work. 4. Ongoing Support of your Strategy throughout the year. 5. Access to Additional Services as needed. After an initial audit to analyze your HR needs, we will determine the most suitable level of services that will improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your organization. If needed, Alliant Human Resources will continue to manage the HR Department for a specified length of time to be agreed upon (not less than one year) for one annual fee, up to a maximum amount of hours per month. The agreement will be renewable upon completion of each period. The Alliant HR Department may be the most economical partnering option for clients with a large or small employee population and consistent HR needs.


You specify the HR project that needs to be completed and we'll get to work for you. (more...)

If your organization frequently needs help with special projects or services, or even if it is a one-time need, Alliant HR Projects will be there to help you, guide you, or undertake the entire project. You specify the project that needs to be completed from within any of our service offerings, and after a consultation to determine the completion time frame, resources, and deliverables, Alliant Human Resources will get to work for you. We can handle multiple projects for you simultaneously. Projects can also be regularly scheduled throughout the year, or on an annual basis. Under the Alliant HR Projects partnership, the client can either pay the Alliant Human Resources hourly rate, or an agreed-upon flat fee for the project(s).


Alliant Human Resources provides "just-in-time" HR advice and guidance that may be needed now and then. (more...)

Human resource issues can be complex, and, if not handled properly, can lead your organization into trouble. Ask Alliant HR Advisor for advice on complex HR issues, or arrange for topical training sessions. We can provide you with "just-in-time" advice on topics such as: Interviewing | Workplace Policies | Benefits | Time Off Policy | Performance | Employment Processes | Termination | Discipline & Corrective Action | Family Medical Leave | COBRA Requirements | American with Disabilities Act Our non-legal advice will help you make informed, timely decisions which will help you minimize your risks. You can save your organization time and money by tapping into our experience and expertise - your staff will not have to spend time researching these complex issues. The client pays Alliant Human Resources' hourly rate for Alliant HR Advisor services; or, the client can pay an annual subscription which will allow you to access Alliant HR Advisor any time.


Proactive creation of baseline, essential human resources policies, procedures, and supporting materials, and training to help new businesses get up and running quickly and efficiently.

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