Wayne Eddy


WNL Products

Using Alliant Human Resources as our outsourced Human Resource Department has afforded my managers the time to concentrate on running their departments, and provided us with the peace of mind knowing that our HR matters are being handled properly and efficiently.


It's amazing how many HR issues come up within any given week that we can re-direct to Alliant HR and not have to spend our own time researching and handling them. Partnering with Alliant Human Resources has proven to be a very cost-effective solution for our growing company.

Patrick Britton


Britton Homes LLC

I just wanted to say thanks for the PowerPoint presentation you assembled for us last week. It did exactly what we were looking for which was to portray a professional image of our company while showing before and after pictures of several of our remodeling projects.


The presentation was very well received. I was particularly impressed with how little of my time you needed to put it all together. Just one e-mail with the pictures and an idea of what we were looking for and it was done.


Thanks again for your help.

Bradley Weiss, D.C.


Performance Health Center

I have counted on Alliant Human Resources to make sure I am doing things right. I am too small to have an HR Dept but big enough to get in trouble with employee issues and all the complexities of state and federal regulations in running a business. I cannot be more pleased with the expert advice I have received from Alliant Human Resources. My needs are understood and met in a timely and cost-effective manner. 

I would highly recommend Alliant Human Resources to any business committed to being compliant with the human resource regulations needed to protect their businesses and employees in our ever-changing business environment. 

Sean Cutting


Cutting Edge Homes, Inc.


I would highly recommend Alliant Human Resources. They have helped my company, Cutting Edge Homes, with several related Human Resources tasks. From interviewing to employee manuals to a professional writing seminar, AHR has been an invaluable resource to our growing firm. 



They are diligent, professional, and extremely knowledgeable. We value their input on Human Resource topics. We could not more highly recommend them. 

Gerard Mahaney


Mahaney Law Office

The Services provided my office by Alliant Human Resources reduced a complicated employment compensation and benefits nightmare into a concise summary, allowing my client (an employer) to confidently face the challenges imposed by former employees questioning their compensation and entitlements. Without Alliant Human Resources, the results could have been disastrous.


Alliant's expertise and professionalism saved the day.

Joanna Stull


Your Medicine Within


Alliant Human Resources is the 'go to' company to learn PowerPoint. But I learned so much more than just how to create an exciting professional looking PowerPoint presentation. I learned about what makes a good presentation in terms of where to stand, how to best organize the information, and how to make sure my presentation had impact, and more.  It would have taken me hours to learn what they taught me in very short order.


Thank You AHR! 




Deborah Gove

Vice President of Operations

Midtown Home Health Services, Inc.


Alliant Human Resources created and developed sexual harassment and ADA training sessions for a large group of our employees. Their knowledge, materials and presentation skills were top-notch. Our employees were engaged and involved, and most importantly, they came away with new knowledge and understanding of some very important topics. 


AHR's training style is interactive and interesting and really shows that they want the attendees to understand and enjoy the material. We certainly will use Alliant Human Resources for more training needs in the future!

Graham Ruggie

Owner/Principal Architect

Janez Design

I have worked with Alliant Human Resources over the last five years and brought them in for a variety of tasks including training my staff.

They bring an aura of professionalism into the work that we do and the quality of Alliant Human Resources work lends credibility to the goals for which we hope to achieve. 

I appreciate the experience that they bring and would highly recommend Alliant Human Resources as a consulting and training company.