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We know that not all business needs are the same, that's why offering a variety of partnering options just makes sense. You can choose the option that works best for you.

Or, give us a call and we'll help you figure it out.


If you need an HR presence but you can't do it yourself, then  Alliant HR Department is the right choice for you.

Alliant Human Resources can build, manage, or maintain your HR department so you can focus on growing your business.

After an initial audit to analyze your HR needs, we will determine the most suitable level of services that will improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your organization. If needed, Alliant Human Resources will continue to manage the HR Department for a specified length of time to be agreed upon (not less than one year) for one annual fee, up to a maximum amount of hours per month. The agreement will be renewable upon completion of each period.


The Alliant HR Department may be the most economical partnering option for clients with a large or small employee population and consistent HR needs.

For an ongoing, collaborative relationship with your HR service provider, Alliant HR On-Call is the choice for you. No annual fee, no commitment, and no hassle, when you need help every now and then with a special project or training. Or if you need ongoing work done, you can call us at any time, for anything, and we'll be there. We will be proactive as well, and make suggestions for work or projects that you may want to consider. You pay only for the time you use. Our most economical option.

If your organization frequently needs help with special projects or services, or even if it is a one-time need, Alliant HR Projects will be there to help you, guide you, or just take on the project. 

You specify the project that needs to be completed from within any of our service offerings, and after a consultation to determine the completion timeframe, resources, and deliverables, Alliant Human Resources will get to work for you. We can handle multiple projects for you simultaneously. Projects can also be regularly scheduled throughout the year, or on an annual basis.


Under the Alliant HR Projects partnership, the client can either pay the Alliant Human Resources hourly rate, or an agreed upon flat fee for the project(s).

Human resource issues can be complex, and, if not handled properly, can lead your organization into trouble. Ask

Alliant HR Advisor for advice on complex HR issues, or arrange for topical training sessions. We can provide you with

"just-in-time" advice on topics such as:

Interviewing  |  Workplace Policies  |  Benefits  |  Time Off Policy  |  Performance  |  Employment Processes  |  Termination

Discipline & Corrective Action  |  Family Medical Leave  |  COBRA Requirements  |  American with Disabilities Act


Our non-legal advice will help you make informed, timely decisions which will help you minimize your risks. You can save your organization time and money by tapping into our experience and expertise - your staff will not have to spend time researching these complex issues.


The client pays Alliant Human Resources' hourly rate for Alliant HR Advisor services; or, the client can pay an annual subscription which will allow you to access Alliant HR Advisor any time.

If your organization is involved in a matter of litigation, or if you are an attorney handling a human resource-related case,

Alliant HR Consult can provide expert research and reports on topics within the case.


Alliant Human Resources can:


  • Piece together factual timelines

  • Interview parties involved

  • Conduct research

  • Provide detailed reports for the attorney

Alliant Human Resources
Alliant Human Resources